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Deferred Disposition Request Form

  1. I have been charged with the following offense, in the Municipal Court of the City of Post.

  2. Plea

    I do hereby enter my appearance to the offense charged and plea:

  3. Request & Understanding

    I request that the Court grant me the deferred disposition ( informal probation)option, since I:

    • Do not hold a commercial drivers license (CDL)
    • Was not speeding 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit
    • Was not charged with a violation occurring in a construction zone while workers were present
    • Was not speeding 95 miles or more
    • Was not charged with passing a school bus
    • Was not charged with failing to stop and provide information or render aid after an accident
    • Was not charged with committing a serious traffic violation
    • I understand that in order to have a violation dismissed, I must comply with specific terms of probation that will be provided to me in the form of a court order, mailed to the address at the bottom.

    Terms of probation may include any of the following items:
    • Payment of all fines, fees and court costs
    • Maintaining a clean driving record for the entire term of probation
    • Completion of a driving safety course (If under 25 years of age)
    • Re-taking the DPS driving test (If under 18 years of age)
    • Maintaining valid liability insurance for the entire term of probation (Insurance violations only)
    • Any other term(s) required by the court

  4. I am enclosing the following required items:

    • Deferred Disposition Request form
    • A copy of my driver’s license (Not a CDL)
    • Payment of fine, court costs and fee (Call the court for the correct deferral amount)
    • Current proof liability insurance (Insurance violations only)

  5. I want to update my address with the court.

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