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Blackboard Connect Request

  1. Blackboard Connect

    The City of Post uses the Blackboard Connect notification service to send residents and businesses important information about our community, such as severe weather, utility issues, or a missing child.

    Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. With the Blackboard Connect service, we can reach you via phone calls to landlines or mobile phones. Participation is 100% free and completely voluntary.

    We know your personal information is important, and we will not share it with anyone.

    If you have NOT already received a test phone call from us, or you would like to provide additional contact information, please complete this form and mail to the address below. If you prefer, you can also go directly to the Post City Hall or City Library to submit this form.

  2. Yes! I want to receive timely notifications from the City of Post via the Blackboard Connect service.

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