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31 Day Extension Request Form

  1. I have been charged with the following offense, in the Municipal Court of the City of Post.

  2. Waiver

    I understand that I have the right to a jury trial and do waive that right. I do hereby enter my appearance to the offense charged and agree to pay the fine and costs the judge assesses.

  3. Plea

    I enter my plea of:

  4. Request & Understanding

    I request that the Court grant me 31 days time to pay the fine and costs assessed.

    I understand that if any amount remains unpaid after 31 days, the Court is required to assess an additional court cost of $25.00 as per (Sec. 133.103 Local Government Code).

    I understand that a capias pro fine warrant may be isssued for my arrest any time after the 31 days. The warrant will be issued for the remaining balance of all fines and costs and will include a $50.00 warrant fee, a $30.00 failure to appear fee and a collections fee of 30%.

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